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Hey every one
I'm new...

I just moved to Deltona from Savannah Georgia.
Here's my info.

Name/Alias: Jay

Age: 20

Five Movies I Enjoy: Nosferatu, Fight Club, Breakfast Club, Evil Dead, and ANYTHING by Tim Burton.

Five Bands I Enjoy: An Albatross, The Locust, Bauhaus, The Cure, Mars Volta
(I could honestly go on forever listing bands I enjoy)

Location: Deltona

Scene: ummmm... Mod/Glam - indie/emo/postpunk/posthardcore/StraightEdge - retro/80sGoth/NewWave/Electroclash/SynthPop
Some thing like that...


Thus far, I'm totally lost on Alt culture here in Central FL...
Can some one help me out?
Do you guys know of any:

web sites/ LJ communites (other than this one) / or other

to look up and find information on shows?

preferably not punk, ska, or hardcore... I've seen one to many punk/hardcore FL websites but I'm finding it impossible to find any info on other stuff... not that I'm not into punk or hardcore it just gets old to me.
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You are very cute. :)
Welcome to good ol' Volusia County.

Time Burton is pure genius.
Thanks :-)

and I agree, Tim Burton is tops!
Hmmmmm I would suggest the House of Blues they host all kinds of shows :)
Thank you :-)

I'm actually hoping to go to the House of Blues in June when The Locust come through.